Welcome to the Center for Evaluation & Counseling

Our History:
The Center for Evaluation and Counseling, Inc. (CEC) was established in 1994 as a non-profit organization. Its mission is to provide mental health services, free from barriers, to communities in northwestern New Jersey. The CEC has a history of competence, judgment, and balance in their years of working with abused children and their families, and a demonstrated track record of performing accurate and comprehensive evaluations for these children and their families.

Our Culture:
CEC has a demonstrated ability to provide culturally appropriate services, and will endeavor to engage clinical staff to work in this program whose linguistic and cultural competence can appropriately serve the needs of those children and families served by this program.

Our Board of Directors:
The Center’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of members representing Psychology, Business, Social Work, Education, and the Law, in conjunction with CEC staff, continues to develop and implement comprehensive and innovative programs and services. Several of these programs and services have been recognized for their excellence and have since been replicated in various communities throughout the state.

Our Commitment:
CEC’s commitment to the mental health needs of our communities is also illustrated via its involvement and participation in programs on both the county and state level which address issues such as: Child Advocacy, Domestic Violence, Youth Services, Child Abuse and Neglect, and Juvenile Delinquency.

Our Goals:
To provide child protective clinical services; To reduce the likelihood of future abuse and neglect.  To strengthen family functioning in order to maintain the family and reduce or avoid disruption/separations/placements wherever possible.  To improve the quality of life for both children and parents by providing individualized treatment services aimed at enhancing family functioning.  To improve family life by helping parents to become more self-sufficient and better able to provide adequate housing, nutrition, medical and physical care for their children.  To help parents develop sound crisis management skills, more effective parenting skills, and better behavior management techniques.  To facilitate the coordination, linkage and expansion of community resources for the delivery of services to clients involved in child maltreatment.  To develop public awareness of the problem of child abuse and neglect by providing consultation and educational services to the community-at-large.  To work within the community to increase awareness of abuse and neglect situations, to educate regarding reporting laws, and to assist in the identification of the most effective intervention with at-risk families.