The non-profit Center was established in 1994 and will celebrate 25 years of service in 2019. It has a history of advocacy for the children of Northern New Jersey and has pulled together experts from a variety of government agencies, the private sector, and a special community of volunteers to work with families in need.

Specifically, we help children and their families. The child is our client and the child and his or her family get 100% of our resources, effort and experience.


The Center’s mission is to provide unique and progressive clinical and forensic mental health services, to the children, families and communities in need in northern New Jersey.


We’re an unseen corps of 30 full-time mental health professionals, working alongside hundreds of professionals and dozens of volunteers and ordinary people trying to give a voice to the voiceless.

We’re advocates by nature: social service experts, psychologists, social workers, retired law enforcement, volunteer legal experts, concerned citizens, and community organizers. We help every day … in a thousand ways. We don’t simply navigate the existing system deftly, we bring innovative ideas, valuable insight and pro-active solutions.


The Center has New Jersey’s finest track record of performing accurate and comprehensive evaluations for children and their families. Those objective evaluations are then cross-referenced with our list of helpful public agencies, our experience with the private sector, and our vast network of volunteer resources. We produce a template from which the right agencies can act, the legal system can react and our therapists can enact an efficient plan.

We coordinate with the following county and state agencies:

  • Child Advocacy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Youth Services
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Juvenile Delinquency

We focus 100% of our considerable energy on the children and their families and ask: how can we help?